vrijdag 17 juni, 2022

Jacob Karlzon – Benjamin Koppel – Scott Colley – Magnus Östrum

Datum vrijdag 17 juni, 2022
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Jacob Karlzon

Swedish jazz pianist and composer Jacob Karlzon has been compared to luminaries such as Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans and Sweden’s own legendary Jan Johansson. 

Karlzon’s playing style oozes technical brilliance, rhythmic and harmonic complexity with a perfect feeling for form. Karlzon describes what drives him:


Benjamin Koppel

Benjamin Koppel, Danish saxophonist and composer, is one of the most award-winning musicians of his generation, known for his versatility and virtuosity.

Scott Colley

Scott Colley’s stature as a leading bassist in the field of improvised music is well known, and easily measured. He’s been called “one of the leading bassists of our postbop era, and a composer-bandleader of quietly serious resolve” by The New York Times, while musical colleagues, like saxophonist Joshua Redman, praise him for being “one of the most musical bassists playing today.

Magnus Öström

The Swedish Magnus Öström became world-famous as the drummer of the Esbjörn Svensson Trio. From 1993 onwards, this trio had revolutionised the jazz world. 


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